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    Mr. Anoopam Gupta - DirectorJMD Digital Art Xchange

    “JMD DIGITAL ART XCHANGE is India's leading provider of high… More...

    Abhiyatri MudronIndia

    When we faced a problem in our C.T.P. i.e. Preps, we informed… More...

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    23 Aug 2016Agra’s Darpan Printers eyes short-run jobs with Komori Enthrone

    Agra-based Darpan Printers has installed a four-colour Komori Enthrone 429 20x29-inch sheetfed pr...

    25 Aug 2016Insight installs India's first HP L1500 at Signage Graphics, Chennai[caption id="attachment_5664" align="alignright" width="279"]Read…More…
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    HP’s Best Channel Partner 2015
    Best Service Delivery 2014
    Outstanding Service Dedication 2013
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