Founded in 1992 in Mumbai, Insight Communications has charted its growth path based on its commitment to customer service and wellbeing. India’s largest dealer for Graphic Arts equipment sales, Insight has played a crucial role to establish some of the biggest global printing brands in India.
After selling prepress equipment from Linotype Hell & Ultre in its initial years, Insight partnered with Scitex in 1995 and since then, it has been a leader in selling prepress solutions. The largest number of Dolev Imagesetters, flatbed scanners and workflow solutions has been sold in the Indian market.
When technology changed and CTPs came in, Insight was proactive and took on the challenge of selling this across the country. Since 2001, Insight has sold around 500 CTPs in the Indian market. Over the period of time, Scitex became CreoScitex, then Creo and finally Kodak. Insight’s association with this group is now 20 years old. Insight has maintained the leadership position in prepress equipment for more than 2 decades.
The digital revolution in printing began in India in 1998. INSIGHT partnered with Scitex at the very beginning of their digital journey to make it the number one Wide-format Brand in India. INSIGHT was successful in installing and maintaining close to 400 high-end  Hp-Scitex machines including Grandjets, XLJets, Idanit, Turbojets, UV machines, flatbeds and now the 10 ft Latex machines. It became the leader in the high-end Large format industrial machine sales. Insight continues to be the biggest channel partner of HP Scitex in India. It services all HP- Scitex installations in India through its highly experienced workforce.
In 2006, Insight tied-up with Komori Corporation Japan to promote Komori machines in North of India. Insight has turned Komori into the highest selling brand new offset presses in the Indian market. In the last 9 years, it has sold and maintaining over 150 brand new offset presses with more than 30 engineers. In a competitive market of Offset Printing Presses, brands like Komori have carved a niche in the Indian markets. Backed by very strong support and service setup, the number of Komori installations is constantly rising. From zero installations to highest number of brand new offset press installations in just about 5 years.
Looking at the growth in Packaging and an opportunity to venture into high-end packaging, INSIGHT added another jewel to their crown with CI- Flexo presses of Soma Engineering and Web offset and rotogravure presses with Komori Chambon.
The focus on customer support and service has led to INSIGHT’s consistent growth. It has a total support force of more than 60 engineers to install and maintain its huge portfolio of machines.
In a nutshell, Insight is a forward looking organisation with one of the most professional setups – operating out of 9 offices across India, and a well-diversified board that has kept pace with times and trends.