INSIGHT offers a portfolio of products & solutions that deliver significant time and cost savings. Our products get integrated into customer’s organizations and provide break through improvement in productivity, saving in turnaround time, cost & effort & provide consistency in output.

To meet the ever-changing demands of Printing Industry, INSIGHT has come up with new “Solution based approach” to strengthen our customers. Extensive knowledge and deep research ensures that you get the right product and also add value to your business.

Insight has divided the entire printing market into 4 segments of commercial printing, packaging printing, publishing and large format digital printing. Each of these segments has their unique pain areas and need specific solutions to address those pain areas.

Publishing industry is going through a major transformation with the advent of ipads and eBooks and therefore we have added a completely new section of books and Print on demand of digital books in our portfolio to address the needs of publishing community.

Commercial printers – have been the traditional focus area for Insight, we are introducing a more comprehensive range of prepress, press both offset and digital and postpress solutions to provide a one-stop solution for our customers.
Packaging is an area where growth is expected at a healthy rate moving forward. It is also the focus area for Insight.

Digital large format – is also a very high potential growth area and has its own unique problems and therefore a totally dedicated solutions team focuses on this division.