Pigment Inkjet Printer

Pigment Inkjet Printer

In 2014, Insight tied up with Mimaki for textile printing machines.

TX 500-1800B : Belt-conveyance system Digital Printing Inkjet Printer

Reliability Evolving

High speed and quality digital printing for cotton, silk, hemp (linen), and rayon.
The Tx500-1800B features a conveyor belt system to ensure stable feeding of materials, especially for elastic fabric. The concept of this product is High-speed printing, as it has been with its preceding models TS500-1800 and Tx500-1800DS.

Features –

  • Substantializing high definition print

    Nongranular, high image quality is achieved by variable dot sizes of 7pl and 21pl.

  • High quality print with reliability

    A function to reduce banding (stripes in the direction of media feed) during printing is provided.

  • Fast print speed

    Draft mode: 140m2/h (4-color spec), 85m2/h (6/8-color spec)

  • User friendly function

    Large capacity ink bottle and UISS function, Degassing module, Easy media loading and operation software standard

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Tiger 1800 B – Belt-Type Direct-to-Textile Inkjet Printer High Speed Range Model


Textile Printer – Pro series

  • Exceptional print speed

    Tiger-1800B features 16 printheads arranged in two staggered lines.

  • Maximum Print speed: 385 m2/h

    16 printheads arranged in two staggered lines

  • Droplet print mode selection suitable for print data

    Depending on ink type and printing mode, there are 4 different droplet sizes. Droplet print mode can be choose to match the print data from high speed and standard mode.

  • Stable and reliable mechanism secures high-speed printing

    Textile is uniformly applied onto the transportation belt by twin pressure roller shafts attached to the edge of the belt. Additionally, the wrinkle and jam sensors minimize the damage to the printhead through early detection of wrinkles and jams.
    The degassing module eliminates air bubbles in the ink to prevent missing nozzles and deliver stable ink-jetting.
    Each printhead is automatically cleaned by a dedicated wiper. This function saves the maintenance time and improves the print quality by avoiding color mixing in the printheads.

  • Extensive optional units for accommodating various applications

    To meet diverse material and production needs, The Pro series provides various optional units:
    – Feeding units for jumbo rolls or folded fabrics
    – Heating units
    – Folding arm unit for storing fabric in the box after printing

  • Large-sized ink tank (10 kg) ensures cost-effective print operation

    The bulk ink supply enables effective long-hour printing while reducing the operational cost

  • High-performance software RIP “TxLink3 Standard”

    The TxLink3 Standard offers simple RGB and CMYK color replacement on raster and vector data, as well as the ability to produce different color patterns. Moreover, various color replacement functions can represent desired colors.

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