DMA Innotec

DMA Innotec

DMA Innotex is focused on engraving technologies for gravure printing, and by applying new technologies, achieves innovation, optimization and advancement of current electromechanical engraving.


  1. Engraving Machine – A new generation of gravure engraving machine – DMA R10 Series used the brand-new full digital controlling technology, closed-loop control theory and the modern manufacturing technology; it also achieved several innovations and breakthroughs in technical functions on the basic of the current engraving technology, such as fine text engraving and more ink volume.


R10-16 DMA R10-28
Dimension(LxWxH) 3620x1120x1560mm 4900x1500x1600mm
Total weight approx. 4100kg approx. 6200kg
Recom. space 4500x2500x2200mm 6100x2800x2250mm
Hollow cylinder
Face length 200-1600mm 200-2600mm
Circumference 300-1400mm 300-2100mm
Shaft cylinder
Face length 200-1200mm 200-2600mm
Length incl. shafts 300-1600mm 400-2900mm
Circumference 300-1400mm 300-2100mm
Cylinder weight max. 200kg max. 600kg
Power supply 1P/N/PE 230V 50/60Hz
2P/N/PE 110V 50/60Hz
3P/N/PE 230V 50/60Hz
Recommend temperature 20-25 degree
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