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Screen Holdings was founded in 1945, as a lithographic printing shop in Kyoto, Japan. It soon diversified into the production of glass screens, metal mesh for color CRTs and scanners. By 2000, it had launched its first digital press and increased its presence in the world markets with innovation and technological advancement. In India, through INSIGHT it has introduced Truepress Jet L350UV series of – digital label press solutions, which is soon in the process of attaining market leadership worldwide.

Truepress Jet L350 UV

Digital flexibility and advanced color reproduction introduce a new era in label and package printing

Packaging printing Machine
Key features
  • The Truepress Jet L350UV delivers high-speed processing of up to 50 meters (164 feet) every minute, along with consistently high color quality.
  • Cutting-edge functionality delivers unprecedented accuracy that marks the start of a new era in digital print quality
  • Sharp and reliable printing of even fine characters, can print text as small as four point
  • Exceptional registration accuracy and micro-droplets support security printing
  • The integration of main seal and label processing units into a single system speeds up job turnaround and increases customer satisfaction

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Truepress Jet 520

Incredible quality and reliability Globally recognized world standard model

Truepress Jet 520
Key features
  • The Truepress Jet520 combines the latest inkjet technology with SCREEN’s high-quality color management technology. It provides reliable, high-speed printing while maintaining superior quality.
  • High speed output ensures fast turnaround, it can print 420 feet of paper per minute at high-quality, in full color, and with all the advantages of variable printing.
  • The Truepress Jet520 features a touch panel that makes operation simple, Potentially troublesome color matching and head cleaning operations are automated.
  • The Truepress Jet520 also features a fl exible layout that allows it to fi t almost any space while accommodating your specifi c needs in terms of job content and printing volume.
  • EQUIOS off ers high-speed, processing using the latest RIP core, practical and easy color management linked to paper information and simplifi ed imposition based on in-depth prepress know-how.

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