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The Indian packaging industry is creating ripples on the global front. The Indian packaging industry is growing at a fast pace of 15% annually & is estimated to cross the 95000 crore mark by 2015.

Divulging from the traditional packaging demand , the changing life style & the societal pattern of life has proved to be precursor for the growth for the flexible packaging industry.

Flexible packaging has replaced all forms of rigid packaging. And in this connection – Insight has decided to promote CI Flexo technology from Soma Engineering as it is environmentally much superior and cost effective to print using CI flexo technology compared to the traditional gravure technology. Insight also represents Komori Chambon – which is the leader in real fed packaging solutions for board. Komori’s latest HUV technology is also making wave and allowing commercial printers to enter into UV packaging arena.

Screen Label L350UV

Screen Truepress Jet L350UVWith all the different process steps involved in using conventional equipment, providing short to medium run lengths can be a big challenge – and the costs involved in providing such a service make it prohibitive in many situations.

With the Truepress Jet L350 you can output a customer’s file directly to the press without any delays for plate-making or make-ready where the very first prints out are at exactly the same superb quality as the last – meaning you can provide a cost-effective, short to medium run production, in superb quality.

One of the key benefits of the Truepress Jet L350 is its high running speed – at 50m per minute we offer maximum productivity in the minimum amount of time. With a a printing width of up to 322mm and the ability to print on material from 100mm to 350mm, the Truepress delivers a world leading productivity of 16.1m2 per minute.

Productivity is not just about speed, it is also directly related to up time – there is no point having a super fast machine if you are always having to do maintenance.

The Truepress is equipped with an automated head cleaning function that greatly simplifies maintenance and reduces the amount of time required to keep the press in an optimum condition. Cleaning of the head area can be executed with the simple click of a button so that the press is instantly ready for production.

Speed is also about workflow and the ability to be able to process enough data to keep the press running. The Truepress is shipped with EQUIOS, Screen’s universal workflow system that combines the printing and prepress knowhow developed by Screen over many years with the latest inkjet technology.

With Screen’s renowned Equios workflow software, the whole process from file input to a finished roll can be automated to minimise interruptions or delays.

Jobs can easily be prioritised according to run length, material and finishing requirements for maximum efficiency and the highest possible up time.

Komori Chambon

Package printing/finishing machines produced by Komori Chambon in France. Equipped with in-line processing functions such as printing, coating, and die cutting functions. The ORS series presses have been automated and made more energy efficient, while packaging-specific technology and know-how have been added. There is also a lineup of products that are suitable for many different printed items and short runs and can meet the diverse needs of package production such as offset printing and gravure printing and flexo printing/ coating.

The ORS series webfed offset printing presses are cutting-edge machines that incorporate the latest technology, such as independent unit drive, remote control automatic plate register adjustment, automatic ink roller cleaning, zero-setting function, and PQC (Print Quality Controller). In addition, the OS series plate/blanket cylinder sleeve press (maximum printing speed 350m/minute) is available. H-UV-specified machines also available.

Offset Web Press (OR Series)

Model Max. web width


Min. printing length


Max. printing length


ORS-650 650 400 800
ORS-720 720 400 800
ORS-830 830 460 960
ORS-1220 1,220 700 1,300

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