Komori UV Technology

Komori UV Technology

The Komori UV System is an innovative UV curing system that uses a UV lamp developed with Komori know-how and high-sensitivity UV ink. With just one lamp mounted in the delivery, this system offers high print quality and reliability as well as excellent economic and eco-friendly performance.

Advantages of UV Curing System

Shorter Total Turnaround Time
Job turnaround time is dramatically shorter than with conventional printing because printed items are cured instantly by an in-line process. UV curing is extremely effective in shortening the time from receipt of materials to delivery because finishing work such as cutting, die cutting and folding can be performed immediately.
Reduction of Stock Space
Since there is no waiting for printed items to dry as required with conventional printing, a large stock space for printed work is not required. The stock space necessary to accommodate the increasing number of short runs of varied items can be reduced.
Improved Quality due to Powderless Operation
Since the entire printing process is powderless, the plant has none of the troubles associated with the scattering of powder granules. The surface of printed items is smooth, which makes surface processing in postpress very easy. Also, since the problems resulting from supplementary printing by an on-demand press can be reduced, UV curing can facilitate more orders in applications that require no adhesion of drying powder. The elimination of the dry down phenomenon also makes it easier to check quality.

Advantages of UV System: Economical

Advantages of UV System: Eco-friendly

Press Configuration Drawings


Item H-UV System Conventional UV System
Control of lamps Ignition about 1 min Extinction about 3 min Ignition about 1 min Extinction about 3 min
Substrate temperature Room temperature +4~5º C Approximately 40º C or more
Ancillaries Electric panel/Chiller/Blower for water/air cooling Electric panel/Chiller/Blower for water/air cooling
Ozone exhaust ducting Not required Required
Ozone None Yes
Lamp life *1 2,000 hours (120~160 W/cm)×1 lamp 1,500 hours (160 W/cm)×4~5 lamps
Power consumption per day *2 For Lithrone G40 For Lithrone G40P 268.8 kW 447.3 kW 1105.3 kW 1437.1 kW
Total life cost *3 1 3.6
  • * 1  Varies according to ignition conditions.
  • * 2 Calculated at 10 hours per day of operation and operating ratio of 40 percent, including chiller (standby time included).
  • * 3 Where UV System is 1
  • The values shown here represent measurements made by Komori under specific conditions and are not guaranteed.
  • Performance and values will vary according to specifications. Specified values may be changed for the purpose of product improvement
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