Transactional Printing

Transactional Printing

Truepress Jet 520

Incredible quality and reliability Globally recognized world standard model

Key features
  • The Truepress Jet520 combines the latest inkjet technology with SCREEN’s high-quality color management technology. It provides reliable, high-speed printing while maintaining superior quality.
  • High speed output ensures fast turnaround, it can print 420 feet of paper per minute at high-quality, in full color, and with all the advantages of variable printing.
  • The Truepress Jet520 features a touch panel that makes operation simple, Potentially troublesome color matching and head cleaning operations are automated.
  • The Truepress Jet520 also features a fl exible layout that allows it to fi t almost any space while accommodating your specifi c needs in terms of job content and printing volume.
  • EQUIOS off ers high-speed, processing using the latest RIP core, practical and easy color management linked to paper information and simplifi ed imposition based on in-depth prepress know-how.

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