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Benefits of Process Free Plate

Kodak Sonora

While the most obvious benefit has been the positive environmental impact of process-free plates adopted by Printers, let’s look at the financial benefits and advantages of using this technology.

Start with capital cost savings of the processor and power requirements associated with it.

Savings in manpower resource:
The conventional method of processing plates required a dedicated labor resource for cleaning the plates off chemistry, rollers, processor gears, brushes, trays, etc.

Reduction in the processor maintenance costs:
The elimination of chemistry processed plates also means a reduction in costs related cleaning of rollers, cleaning fluids, cloth, purchase of less cleaning equipment, and also a reduction in annual maintenance contracts and the required storage space. More number of support calls and also a greater number of wear and tear spare parts are needed in the processor compared to the main Kodak Offset CTP Systems

Elimination of processing chemistry costs:
For the printer, there is a reduction in processing chemistry costs of developer/finisher or replenisher for tank changes. You also get benefits through reduced costs towards maintenance, storage, ordering, and tracking of chemistry.

Reduction in disposal costs:
That there is cost associated with storage and subsequent disposal of processing chemistry goes without saying. Local regulations are changing and printers have to keep themselves updated and adhere to these norms. With process free plates, this is taken care of to a great extent.

Benefit from Utility savings:
Chemistry processed plates require extensive use of water during processing, jobs, and electricity. Even though a process-free plate requires a clean-out unit, it still results in substantial savings in utility bills for the printer.

If one calculates all the above savings in terms of pure money per plate – it is in the region of approx Rs 20 per sq.meter of plate plus amortization cost of the processor will vary depending on the plate consumption. Lower the plate consumption – more viable is to go process free. For a printer – going process free will be a no brainer.

On top of the financial savings – lets also consider the environmental benefits.

Environmental Benefits:
One of the biggest beneficiaries (if one can call it that) is our environment. With the ever-increasing air and water pollution, it becomes imperative for everyone on this planet to play a role in reducing the carbon footprint. Process free plates not only contribute by saving water, electricity but also help by reducing pollutants like silver, metals used in processing. Whatsoever, reduced chemistry usage and storage also means printers staff can breathe easy and contribute more towards productivity.

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