In today’s world packaging has become an integral part of the product; it makes the product stand out. The packaging reveals the quality of the product & brand identity. Print on demand is emerging as a new trend in the market. Also companies have started to cut down on inventories which take rental space cost, inventory cost. Digital print technology does not require a separate plate making- unlike Flexo & offset printing. With only media & ink as consumables we can get our print done just in time

The global packaging market is estimated at 121 M tons printing, which is growing at the rate of 4% comprising of Flexo, Offset & Digital printing whereas Digital printing is growing at the rate of 25% CAGR as per the recent survey.  The figure shows us the importance of shorter runs, just in time delivery, packaging changing due to seasonal or regional trends. This makes Digital print packaging one of the most rapidly growing area of print

During this pandemic we have seen a lot of home makers turning their home into business. With the increase in number of small business, packaging has also increased. These small scale entrepreneurs need packaging in small quantity where Offset or Flexo can’t be sustainable.


Personalization is the new & innovative way of marketing. It create a higher recall value in the mind of customers due to attractive & personalized packaging. There have been many campaign coming using personalization to capture customers attraction and create database of that customer.  Recently Kellogg UK had launched personalized ‘back to school’ cereal box. Coco cola- share your coke or Cadbury’s- invent & name your flavour campaign.

This is not possible in analogue technology. With Digital packaging we can have variable data packaging and we can produce from 1 unit to 100 units. It is best suited for shorter run.

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Nowadays, companies are coming with different variation of the product – Line variation, seasonal variation, regional variation and limited editions. Earlier when a particular product had only one version that time we needed same packaging for the product BUT now as the no of variant increases, there arises need to do special packaging for each variant type highlighting the variant type. With increase in variation, it is difficult to predict which variation will be consumed more. With Digital packaging where we can cut down on bulk quantity and only print the min quantity to meet requirement.

Theme Based Marketing

To promote our product or create awareness, brand uses Theme based marketing. This is used mainly used to attract Children. They are easily attracted with the packaging which has their favorite cartoon character printed on it. Theme bases packaging is also used for seasonal promotion, geographical marketing or any specific event based marketing.

Test Marketing

Test marketing helps to gather customer response to the product or marketing campaign in limited edition before it is fully launched in market. It is also done to test the packed product appeal to the customers.  With Test packaging, brand can finalize the packaging that appeals most to the customer.

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