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Drive Growth in Interior Decor Market with Eco-friendly approach

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Each home has a unique personality. Homemakers create a unique and distinct look for our homes with the different colors, patterns and designs that complement their personality. Creative wall décor like Wallpapers, Canvas, Window Blinds help adding that extra touch of personalization and uniqueness to your home that suits the personality of people living in the room.

Wallpaper does not only beautify a place but also add a unique character to it. With the addition of beautiful designs & patterns, it creates a unique aura in the room. Each room can be designed and customized according to the personality of the person using the room. Create an array of designs like geometric, scenery, monuments, music, spiritual, picture collage which suits your style.

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Wallpaper gives your room a totally different look whereas adding canvas as wall clocks, motivational canvas, artistic frames or even family collage gives a wall an interesting change and enhances the look of the place. Canvases can be added in an already done up room. Adding the same can give an entirely different look to the place.

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Another décor element that can be added is Window Blinds. It is an essential element to protect us from sunlight, give privacy and serve as a decor element to beautify our homes. Apart from the above elements, we can also add a personal touch on Upholstery like Leatherette sofa chairs and cushions, just to add a little bit of color to décor elements. All this can be printed on one machine: HP Latex Printers

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HP latex printers can give your business an exponential growth in décor market due to following:

1. Can print wide color range and design with same machine & ink set on large variety of media
2. HP Latex ink have wide color gamut
3. HP latex preserves the characteristic of base material
4. Can print short run customized design giving your customer specialized unique design
5. HP Latex uses a Water based ink technology, produces totally odourless prints and does not contain any hazardous components
6. HP Latex Inks have achieved UL ECOLOGO® and UL GREENGUARD GOLD Certification for Wall covering
7. Hp Latex inks also meet international standard for prints

a. HP Latex prints meet the EN233 standard for washability and colorfastness
b. HP Latex prints meet the Euro class standard Class B4 for flame retardant
c. HP Latex prints carry the CE Mark
d. HP Latex Inks are Type II (ASTM F793) compliant for durability
e. HP Latex Inks have achieved UL ECOLOGO® and UL GREENGUARD GOLD Certification5
f. Create wallcoverings that meet AgBB criteria and are rated A+ per Émissions dans l’air intérieur

decorMoreover, the HP Latex technology offers an unparalleled advantage versus other digital printing technologies due to its lightfastness durability, the preservation of the fabrics’ properties, the lack of odour and hazardous pollutants and its wide media versatility.