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Fingertouch Calicut take a leap with Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120

Installation of Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120 Machine.

In a significant leap towards innovation and excellence, Fingertouch, a name synonymous with quality paper products and stationery, proudly announces the installation of the state-of-the-art Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120 machine. The group, founded 40 years ago by Ramachandran and Jayasree Ramachandran, has continually evolved and expanded its offerings.

The journey began with a modest start in Calicut, primarily selling paper and stationery products. Over the years, Jayaram Group diversified its portfolio and introduced an exclusive wedding cards outlet, Jayaram Cards, 30 years ago. With a commitment to unique designs and collections, the brand expanded its presence to Malappuram, Kannur, Kochi, and emerged as the first wedding card manufacturer in Kerala with a pan-India and international clientele.

Twenty years ago, Mr. Nitin, an audio engineer, joined the family business, bringing his expertise to further enhance the group’s capabilities. 5 years later his brother, Mr. Nikhil, armed with an MBA, joined the endeavor, focusing on expanding operations and physical stores.

Recognizing market opportunities and keeping pace with industry trends, Jayaram Group ventured into digital printing 15 years ago, eventually rebranding the printing and packaging unit as Fingertouch. They evolved into a comprehensive printing solution, with a dedicated focus on design, printing, and packaging.

The Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120 revolutionizes digital printing with its advanced 6-color print engine, delivering unparalleled expressive capabilities. Boasting superior productivity, it achieves high-speed printing at an impressive 120 ppm, even when utilizing all 6 colors.

This innovative press ensures high-definition expression, offering an exceptional output resolution of 2400 x 2400 dpi. Coupled with a high-performance print server, the Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120 maximizes the efficiency of the print engine, ensuring optimal results for every print job.

Versatility is a key feature, as this press supports a wide range of stocks, accommodating everything from 52 gsm lightweight paper to 400 gsm heavyweight paper. With a print range spanning from a minimum of 98 x 148 mm to an expansive 330 x 1200 mm, it caters to diverse printing needs with precision and excellence.

Mr. Ramachandran expressed his enthusiasm about this new phase, stating, “We’re thrilled about this next step in our digital journey and the value this press brings to our customers. Our path has been defined by continuous innovation and an unwavering commitment to quality. Fujifilm and Insight are outstanding partners to collaborate with.”

This latest investment further solidifies Fingertouch’s legacy as a technology adopter and a pioneer in print processes, driving innovation across new applications and industries.

Revoria stands out with its revolutionary hybrid static eliminator, a technological marvel crafted by Fujifilm. This helps in neutralizing static on every printout, ushering in a new era of print handling perfection. This also helps with printing on plastics and synthetics as well as paper media.

“The South holds immense significance for us, and Revoria presence continues to flourish in this dynamic region with esteemed customers like Fingertouch. Fujifilm Revoria press is not just about great quality and versatility – it offers unbeatable returns and longevity, making it a true game-changer in the industry. “ remarked Ajay Aggarwal, CEO & MD at Insight Print Communications.

Fujifilm’s AI image enhancement feature is a game-changer, endowing customers with an unparalleled competitive advantage. This artificial intelligence seamlessly elevates image quality by intuitively analyzing and optimizing based on specific image types. No longer shackled by the constraints of poor-quality images – be they overly dark, excessively bright, backlit, or plagued by suboptimal skin tones or sky colors – the advanced AI effortlessly corrects and transforms them into stunning, flawlessly printed masterpieces. This transformative technology ensures that every print is not just corrected but exquisitely reproduced.

“Fingertouch’s investment in the Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120 is a testament to the continuous innovation and impact our digital print technology brings to the graphic art market. The Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120 is designed to enhance productivity and print speed. With its 6 stations and special color capabilities like pink, gold, silver, clear, texture, and white, it fosters more opportunities for growth. We take pride in partnering with Fingertouch in their journey as pioneers in the industry.” Commented Priyatosh Kumar Head of Business, Graphic Communications, Fujifilm India.