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Fujifilm Revoria - Reborn, Renew, Refine

Fujifilm Revoria

NEVER STOP BELIEVING IN PRINT – This is the heading with which Fujifilm is moving forward. FUJIFILM is a Japanese multinational conglomerate operating primarily in the verticals of PHOTOGRAPHY, cameras, medical electronics and most importantly – GRAPHIC ART PRINTING. From printing material to system and workflow, Fujifilm is contributing to the productivity and quality assurance of their customers.

Fujifilm Business Innovation has launched a new brand for their new production printer lineup and they are going by the name  “Revoria” which they have derived from blending “Revolution” with “-ia” which signifies country or land.

This brand name sends out a message to the entire PRINTING INDUSTRY signifying the company’s aim to cultivate new “lands” and create unprecedented value for its customers. The brand logo also symbolizes a flying bird soaring towards the rising sun – showcasing their customers’ continuous flight towards success.

Under the new brand Revoria, Fujifilm aims to provide customers with new production DIGITAL PRINTING  solutions which consist of production DIGITLA PRINTER, print servers and printing workflow software.

Introducing the Revoria Press PC1120

  1. 6 Stations – 10 Color Options – Single Pass Printing
    Revoria PC1120 Production Printer is a color printing press for the high-end professional printing market. The press can print up to six colors in a single pass – this is achieved by the 6 toner stations present inside the machine. The printer works in a combination of CMYK and two special color stations – one for underlay and one for overlay.
    Fujifilm-Revoria-3This enables the customers to achieve beautiful color combinations such as Metallic shades of Silver and Gold, enhance skin tones by utilizing pink, print on non-paper and colored substrates by using white toners in any configuration that they can think of. With this level of CUSTOMIZATION available, the only limit is our imagination. The competition is not equipped with this level of CUSTOMIZATION and can only offer a maximum of five toner stations which restricts certain possibilities that are available in this machine. It brings a wow factor no other printer can match. Printing underlay and overlay in single pass is now possible with this revolutionary DIGITAL OFFSET PRINTING MACHINE.
  2. Print 120 Pages per minute

    Revoria PC1120 is the fastest COMMERCIAL PRINTER available in the market. The press is capable of printing at a speed of 120 pages per minute (A4 horizontal) achieving high definition, high-quality and high-resolution prints of 2400 dpi with its Super-EA Eco toners – the smallest toner particle size in the industry. The speed of the press does not depend on the number of toner stations being used while printing and gives a constant 120 pages per minute speed regardless maintaining the same level of productivity overall.

  3. Variety of Substrates – Variety of Applications- ALL IN ONE DIGITAL PRINTING MACHINE!
    The press can handle a variety of substrates with different thickness ranging from 52 GSM to 400 GSM no other printers offers such versatility in terms of handling media thickness. The feeder is equipped to handle various paper sizes for printing – from small sized paper (98 x 148 mm) to long banner sheets (330 x 1200 mm) in simplex mode. The press also offers duplex printing with a maximum size of 330 x 729 mm. Print custom BUSINESS CARDS, mono cartons, LABELS, polycarbonate sheets, POSTCARDS, menu cards for COMMERCIAL PRINTING and many more.


  4. Automatic addition of Pink Layer – Artificial Intelligence bundled inside
    The image data is automatically divided into five colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, black and pink. Fluorescent colors of the pink toner expand the print gamut significantly resulting in vibrant print results showing vivid colors and smoother skin tones. Artificial Intelligence also takes care of automatic image corrections for PHOTO IMAGE.
  5. Fujifilm-Revoria-7Outstanding features

    Revoria Press can do things what no other press can do. It simplifies workflows by fulfilling the need for multiple presses and processes typically required for print embellishments by providing those units and accessories in-line.

    Customers have the option of combining their Revoria Press with an Air Suction Feeder which provides highly stable paper feeding for a wide variety of paper such as paper containing concentrated amounts of paper dust, cohesive coated paper and various films.

    Another unit that is essential for PRINTING FILM, PHOTO ALBUM MATERIAL, and other substrates is Static Removal which removes static electricity generated during printing and enables continuous production without any issues.

    These features not only add value to the press but also provides competitive edge to the user.

Insight Print Communications is an exclusive dealer for Fujifilm Revoria in India, having a Pan-India presence and corporate offices in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Chennai. With strong service support and application specialists across the country, Insight has exceeded the expectations of many customers in India. To know more about Fujifilm Revoria and/or any other product in our portfolio, please get in touch with us at sales@insightwithin.com