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HP Latex R Printer series: True hybrid printer

The new HP R2000 Hybrid printer– a single machine which can print flexible as well as rigid application. It’s the only rigid printer in the market that produces environmentally – friendly odourless prints. With Hybrid printer we can print not only traditional signages but can also expand our offering to client for the new rigid application. Moreover, the white ink add more products to offer to clients.

Now a days world Brands are seeking to stand out from the rest of the competitors in the shared space retail format. They look for some innovative & creative idea where their product can stand out. To increase the recall value & help immediate purchase Brand managers have to, create & innovative Branding.

With R series- providing wider application range, we can help Brand Mangers/ corporates produce innovative product to attract customers.

Stunning Features

Wide range of Application
With R series- being a true Hybrid PSP can offer a wide range of Application. It is truly called a Yes machine as you can re-create all the application which a brand demands from creative POP units made out of solid plastic, MDF, ACP, corrugated material, Foam board to additional Thermoforming on the same. Application such as Window Graphics, Attractive wall coverings, Direct printing on glass, Vehicle branding, etc all can be done by a single machine.

Its unprecedented quality and vibrant colour gamut on both rigid and flexible materials set this printer apart from all others. It is truly one machine which can expand your scope of offering to all type of flexible & rigid substrate to the Brand helping them stand out from the competition.

Glossiest White
R series produces the glossiest, high-opacity whites on transparent and coloured media that resists  yellowing over time. HP white lays smooth on the surface of media,  maintaining the original texture & feel of media. Whereas UV ink lays unevenly hiding the original texture & feel of media.

The biggest barrier with white ink was that when it is not in use for long time it can block the printhead & heading to additional cost. But Hp has overcome this barrier with innovative system that recirculates white ink – both in ink delivery system & printheads. So, there are no waste between white jobs with removable HP Thermal inkjet printhead stored in offline rotating chamber.

With White ink PSP can expand their offering white printing on the coloured media like foam board giving it feel of the spot printing. 3 & 5 layer modes can also be easily achieved adding Day & Night application to the portfolio.

Latex Ink
R series ink contains the original properties of HP Latex ink- Scratch resistant, flexile & green ink. It provides wider colour gamut while preserving media gloss & feel. Inks are scratch resistant and flexible (does not chip off when folded) and resist cracking.

Latex inks are the only ink in the industry which is Ecology certified. Ink does not have smell or produce any hazardous emissions. As Inks are Greenguard Gold & Ecologo certified, prints can safely be installed in Hotels, Hospitals, Schools. It can also be used to manufacture Kids toys, puzzles.


Smart Printer System
HP Smart Printer system has automatic processes with less human intervention, hence, less error. It automatically measures width & thickness of material, Automatic Printhead maintenance, nozzle checks, multi sheet printing reduces the chance of human intervention.

PSP can meet the production peak with high speed, quality. Its belt system & smart vacuum keeps the media intact. Multi board printing, assisted loading and advanced queuing help to drive higher productivity.

Hp Print OS software helps to maintain control of your production & cost. We can maximize uptime with automatic maintenance and smart service tool for fast diagnosis & issue resolution.