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i2S- Complete range of Book Scanners

i2S range of book scanners

Digitalization has become a very common word in today’s world. The world is transitioning more and more towards digital. We use digital in all spaces & need of life – from ordering groceries and necessities, carrying out monetary transactions, reading books, and many more – Digitalization is everywhere. The ongoing coronavirus outbreak along with several lockdowns have made the move towards digitalization much more prominent.

Libraries used to maintain various archives consisting of physical copies of books, manuscripts, newspapers for referencing the past. Nowadays, with today’s digitally connected world, everyone needs information on the go. There is an urgent need to convert all the physical records in digital form.

Multiple projects carrying out the process of digitalization had already begun few years ago, but with the current COVID scenario, everyone has started realizing the importance and the urgency to adapt to the concept of Digital Libraries for better management of conformity, conservation & prevention of publication & accessibility issue. The digital copy also helps to conduct training workshops, creation of educational materials and sharing content locally or remotely.

i2S – a unique and complete solution
I2S offers a complete range of book scanners capable of digitizing any type of document. I2S book scanners meet the highest requirements for the conservation of fragile and valuable works and guarantee exceptional scanning quality and document care. LIMB software suite in today’s world is the only complete solution in the market capable of acquiring, processing, enriching and converting traditional cultural heritage into digital heritage.

Small Book Scanners: A3 – A2 size: Production Scanners
The small book scanners are designed to be productive and offer a good quality. They come with 71-megapixel camera with 400dpi optical resolution, LED lighting, two interface – self-service & production with an option of Manual as well as motorized book cradle with glass plate. It is very easy to use with real time color preview and imbedded image processing

Large Book Scanners A1 – 2A0 size
The i2S large book scanner is ideal for scanning books and documents. It combines efficiency with productivity. The Quartz range has innovative features such as relief enhancement and glare control system. With its ingenious optics and lighting system, it becomes possible to visualize the artwork relief like paintings, drawings or any old documents.

V shaped Book Scanner: For Fragile collection
V shaped scanners are perfect for scanning Fragile books maintained in V shape for harmless digitalization process. Scanners give a high-resolution efficiency with two 71-Megapixel cameras designed by i2s with optical resolution of 2x A3600 dpi or 2x A2 400 dpi. It contains motorized cradle with motorized 120 degrees V shape glass plate. It’s easy to use giving color real time review with automatic focus and scan launch and real time lighting correction.

Key Features

    • Exceptional image quality
    • Compliance with preservation standards ISO 19264, Metamorfoze & FADGI
    • High productivity: reduced costs, faster projects achievement
    • Respect for original documents: non-aggressive lighting, no page cutting, protection for bindings and covers
    • Ease of use
    • Operator comfort while digitizing: ergonomics, non-aggressive lighting
    • Reliability and robustness
    • Professional support: fully trained local partners, remote maintenance solutions

Insight Print Communications Pvt Ltd has branches in all major cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and is the distributor of i2S scanners in India. From Production & self-service scanner of A3 size, Productivity & high-quality scanners of A1 – A2 size, V-Shaped Scanners to oversize scanner in Super scan range of A0 & 2x A0 from i2S Solutions – we deal in all these scanners all across the country. We at Insight believe in the digitalization process and understand the importance preserving these physical documents hold for our future.