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  • 2023

Chennai’s Graphic Solution Gets Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120

Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120 installation at Graphic Solution

Insight Print Communications, an authorized and exclusive channel partner for Fujifilm Revoria in India proudly announces the installation of the state-of-the-art Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120 at Graphic Solution in Chennai. With a legacy dating back to 2002, Graphic Solution has consistently stood as a leading manufacturer for of ID cards, access cards, and laminating film in the domestic market and also exporters. In a strategic move to diversify their product range, they have made a significant investment in this cutting-edge digital press.

The Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120 has garnered significant acclaim, resonating impressively with customers in both the photo printing and commercial printing sectors, thanks to its exceptional features and unmatched print quality.

Graphic Solution has chosen to install a Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120 Press, perfectly aligned with their current needs. Notably, this system offers flexibility for future expansion, with the option to introduce two additional special colors to their array. This adaptable approach ensures that Graphic Solution is well-prepared to cater to evolving client demands.

The Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120 distinguishes itself with an impressive printing speed of 120 A4 pages per minute. It also boasts a high-definition expression with high-output resolution at 2400 x 2400 dpi. This ensures that every print is of the highest quality, with rich colors and crisp detail. In addition to its impressive technical capabilities, this 10-color print engine also supports a broad range of paper stocks, from lightweight 52 gsm paper to heavyweight 400 gsm paper. It can also handle a range of sizes, from a minimum of 98 x 148 mm to a maximum of 330 x 1200 mm, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of printing needs.

“This investment not only signifies a significant step forward for us but also showcases our commitment to delivering top-notch products and services to our valued customers. The addition of the Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120 positions us at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, making us a force to be reckoned with in the industry. “ Commented by Graphic Solution Team.

It’s important to note that Graphic Solution specializes in the production of high-quality PVC Cards, Smart Cards, ID Cards, RFID Cards & UHF Tags to Domestic Market & also exported to International Markets. The significance of printing on PVC materials cannot be understated, as it demands meticulous handling and precision. To consistently meet their stringent quality requirements and ensure unwavering excellence for their clients, Graphic Solution made the strategic choice to invest in the Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120.

Mr. Ajay Aggarwal, MD & CEO of Insight Print Communications, comments on the installation, stating, “Our decision to offer Fujifilm Revoria revolves around our commitment to helping the print industry transition to digital and sustainable printing solutions. Fujifilm’s advanced printing solutions have empowered our customers to achieve significant growth in a short time. With this new installation at Graphic Solutions, we anticipate a lasting partnership that will elevate print quality standards for their customers.”

“Fujifilm Revoria distinguishes itself from other toner printers due to its Super EA ECO Toner, known for its exceptionally small particle size. This unique feature enables the smooth reproduction of gradients, uniform density, crisper fine lines, and text that is easy on the eyes with reduced glare.” Further comments Graphic Solution Team on Revoria’s outstanding performance.

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