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  • 12
  • July
  • 2022

Insight sees high demand for Fujifilm Revoria

High demand for Fujifilm Revoria

A market leader in digital printing solutions, Insight Print Communications announced multiple successful installations of the Fujifilm Revoria across the country. A renowned brand in the Graphic Arts space, Fujifilm is Known for its innovative and cutting edge technology and delivers effective solutions to contribute to quality of life and enhance sustainability. Insight is Fujifilm’s National Sales and Service partner for the POD Business (Print On Demand)

“Revoria Press PC 1120 has proved to be a money making investment for all our customers. They are using this press for multiple applications. Starting from high-end commercial printing to Wedding Photo albums and also doing high volume color Book, printing upto 400 copies” Said Mr. Ajay Aggarwal CEO at Insight Print Communications. The beauty is that all our installation base is printing upwards of 300K A4 impressions a month, some of them even doing 600K volumes. A significant portion of this goes into the CMYK + market with effects of metallic, white and clear inks, that is fetching them a premium in the market.” added Mr. Ajay.

Even as this goes to press, one installation is underway at a Digital Press Bureau in Jaipur, another one just got installed in Mumbai, at a premium home furnishing brand that uses this press for high end catalogues. The capability of the Revoria to effectively handle textured papers opens doors for variety of applications suitable for such corporates.

Insight has had successful installation at multiple customers that focus on high-quality wedding photos and web-to-print photo products. Two important features of the press, that facilitate installs at photo space include AI-based Photo Quality Optimization and Pink layer addition. The AI automatically determines the scene for each photographic image on a page, and corrects the image appropriately on the Print Server. For example, brightening a dull image and correcting image sharpness. “This feature is a ‘game changer’ for customers that handle large quantities of photography printing without a specific photobook print” added by Mr. Ajay. The Second feature is the auto addition of Pink layer in CMYK. The Printer automatically converts a Photo into CMYK and Pink and enhances the color gamut to improve the photo quality.

Insight’s flexibility to the customer through the “toner out” model where customers pay only for the spares and maintenance and buy toners on actuals, is yielding benefits for the customer. “For an industry which has had predefined pricing models for ages, this change has been welcomed by all customers. Its not just the technology, but the flexibility to use it effectively and ensuring quick ROI is the cornerstone of our Revoria offering” said Ajay.

Ajay also added “Commercial printers are also taking advantage of 10 colors offered on Fuji Revoria that includes White, Gold, Silver, Clear, Texture and Pink colors to offer prints to their end customers that was not possible with so much ease earlier. These customers are ecstatic with the no frills 5 minutes change over time of colors without wasting any Toner, making it practical to use multiple colors”.

“This press is breaking the barrier of standard CMYK digital prints and enables our customers to meet ever evolving consumer demand and helps businesses to grow into new, higher value markets, such as luxury brand promotion and packaging. The use of specialty colours open new doors to on-demand premium print opportunities”. Commented by Kentaro Imafuku, head of Department, Graphic Arts Division Fujifilm India.

Insight with their new offering are looking to achieve more milestones going forward.