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  • 17
  • Oct
  • 2023

Kodak & Insight Spearheaded Sustainable Newspaper Printing
Initiatives At Wan-Ifra Kochi

CTP market

Kodak, marking its illustrious 50-year presence in India, reaffirms its unwavering commitment to providing most sustainable solutions within the CTP (Computer-to-Plate) market.

Kodak & Insight being associated for more than 25 years and throughout their journey in India, they have consistently delivered cutting-edge technology to its esteemed customers, with Process-free plates standing as a testament to their innovative prowess. Kodak & Insight participated at the recent WAN-IFRA summit to showcase the most sustainable newspaper prepress solution.

Presently, Process-free technology is experiencing remarkable growth, notably in the adoption of Sonora Xtra plates, which epitomize dedication of both the companies to eco-friendly printing solutions.

“In the world of print, Kodak stands as a beacon of innovation, and the Indian Printers Summit 2023 is the perfect platform to illuminate the path forward and promote our vision of sustainable solutions among the newspaper fraternity” adds Mr. Ajay Aggarwal CEO and MD of Insight Print Communications.

Kodak and Insight solutions demonstrated dedication to a greener future and the team had meaningful discussions with customers centering around “Print Responsibly, Print Sustainably with Sonora Xtra Process-free plates.

Kodak, currently the only manufacturer of CTP equipment, plates & workflow offers a full selection – (a) Thermal CTP range covering various levels of speeds (from 50 to 300 pph) and automation (b) Sonora Xtra Process-free plates (c) Prinergy workflow addressing the needs of entry, mid and high end newspapers.

Sonora Xtra supports fast imaging, high resolution, robust handling, long run lengths and excels in various printing conditions viz., different types of presses, inks, founts, paper stocks, and a variety of blankets. Going Process-free thermal with Sonora is a worldwide trend especially in the U.S. & Europe. In India, there are plenty of newspapers using Sonora for their daily newspaper production. More and more newspapers are seriously considering switching to Sonora Process-free because of the plate performance, environmental benefits, Cost savings, Streamlined plate making, Elimination of processing equipment,

Elimination of chemistry, Elimination of Process Variability, Elimination of Compliance etc.

Kodak‘s unwavering dedication to newspaper market innovation persists. We consistently enhance and fine-tune high-performance, resource-efficient technology solutions to empower newspaper printers in the ever-evolving and demanding industry especially post covid. Our presence at the IFRA Indian Printers Summit 2023 underscores this commitment, demonstrating our reliability and capability as a long-term partner for the newspaper industry” added Kodak India.