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  • 2022

Kodak CTP machine demand is soaring in rest of Maharashtra region

Bhagyashri Printers
Shivani Printers

Insight Print Communications has recently announced consecutive installations of Kodak CTP machines in Rest of Maharashtra region. Kodak and Insight are sharing business relationship for last 30 years and have installed thousands of CTP machines in this segment.

Two of the leading commercial printers Bhagyashri and Shivani Printers have invested in Kodak Veriset T400 which can produce plate upto 728 X 838mm plate size at through put of 22 pph (plates per hour) and at 2400dpi resolution.

Bhagyashri Printer is located in Sangamwadi Pune catering to different commercial printing applications like leaflets, visiting cards, books, letterheads, calendar and stationary printing for government entities. They are known for quality and eagle eye in pre press. Today the company is one of biggest commercial printer in Maharashtra region.

“We wanted a solution which delivers speed, reliability and reduces environmental footprints. While looking out for a solution we learned about Kodak’s TH5 thermal head, which delivers higher quality than the other vendors’ CTP devices and we made our mind.” Commented by Mr. Arvind, Owner at Bhagyashri Printers.

Shivani Printer is equipped with Heidelberg, Shinohara offset printing machine, Perfecta cutting system and many other high end equipment, decided to bought Kodak CTP machine from Insight Print Communications for many reasons but strongest of them is service strength of the company.

“With Violet there were challenges of plate wastage, plate stability, quality and higher chemistry usage. We are known for a quality and to deliver best to our customers we decided to invest in the Veriset machine and we are extremely happy with the results.” Commented by Owner Mr. Deepak Dholepatil of Shivani Printers.

Kodak thermal CTPs are standard on features like Auto focus, temp & geometric compensation, upgrades which lowers cost & builds quality.